Sunday, 16 March 2008

Epoxy Surboards Vs Fiberglass Surfboards

Epoxy Surfboards Vs Fiberglass Surboards

Many people are asking more and more these days, 'What type of board is better, Epoxy or Fiberglass?' There are many differences between the two and both are really good boards. You can get many different designs and shapes for both types of board. The Epoxy board is a more manufactured type board with fiberglass being more hand shaped and not mass produced.

The controversy surrounding epoxy vs. fiberglass designs can make the head spin more than a spill over the falls on an 8 foot closeout set. People want to know which is better.

Epoxy boards are lighter and have better flotation than fiberglass. Great right? But epoxy boards are massed produced. Companies like SurfTech employ a shaper, purchase a shape, and then mass produce that shape for, well, the masses.

Their durability and strength will far outlast the fiberglass models but it seems as if the art form of shaping and the ride of surfing is suffering at the expense of durability.

Fiberglass boards are shaped from a foam core- a process decried as foul by environmentalists and suffering from availability with the closing of Clark Foam (the world’s largest producer of surfing blanks)- and coated with fiberglass to give them strength, water resistance and protection. But fiberglass is much more fragile than epoxy, causing a greater amount of ding repairs and board breaks.

As the landscape of surfing and shaping changes, no matter what your preference or particular point of view, one thing is certain; epoxy boards aren’t going anywhere soon… except off the racks and into the water.

Fiberglass surfboards have been around a long time. Epoxy surfboards were introduced to try to compete with the fiberglass design. Unfortunately, boards made of epoxy have a few disadvantages when compared to fiberglass boards. Some of these disadvantages include customization, flex, cost, and responsiveness. This article will discuss some of the disadvantages of epoxy surfboards when compared to those made of fiberglass.


One of the first disadvantages of epoxy surfboards is customization. Many surfers like to customize their board specifically for themselves. Fiberglass boards can be customized easily. However, epoxy boards can't be customized except to change the flex and tune the rails. Many people also don't know how to work with epoxy correctly, a problem you won't experience with fiberglass boards as most shops know how to work with them.


One of the next disadvantages of epoxy surfboards is their flex. These boards are extremely stiff. This stiffness causes the board to have a tendency to behave unpredictably. This is a problem whenever you're surfing in anything other than perfect conditions. Fiberglass boards are much less stiff, so you don't have to worry about them behaving unpredictably in certain conditions.


Epoxy surfboards work well on waves that are lower than the height of your head. However, you will likely experience problems if you ride a wave that is taller than you are. This is due to the fact that epoxy surfboards are light and very buoyant. Therefore, it may be harder to bury a rail when you need to turn. These boards will be harder to control whenever you're going fast.


One of the final disadvantages of epoxy surfboards is their cost. The materials used to make these boards cost a lot more. You can usually expect to pay at least $50 more for epoxy surfboards than you would for those made from fiberglass. Some boards can cost as much as $150 more.

So even with all this information in mind only you can answer the question, What board is better an epoxy or a fiberglass? You are the one who is going to ride the board so you pick a board that suits you.

At the moment a have two fiberglass boards 7'0" and a 6'4" and I really love them, however a mate of mine has just got a epoxy, he says 'great board really floaty and easy to paddle' so next time I'm looking to buy another maybe I'll look into epoxy.

Friday, 29 February 2008

Volcom Have Gone Green

Nowadays it seems that everyone/everything is going green. For surfboards to cars, well the world wide known Surf/Skate brand Volcom has joined the ranks of Eco-friendly brands with their brand new V.Co-Logical series of products. This new product line is going to be a summer line and will consist of 2 pairs of pants, 12 t-shirts and a hoodie. All these products are made from different types of Organic Cotton, Hemp and Fleece these are combined with low impact screen printing. A lot of the clothing has V.Co designs displaying plants and nature.

“ Organic garments from the Volcom V.Co-Logical Series represent Volcom’s socially responsible attempt to sustain and protect our planet’s rapidly shrinking natural resources. By utilizing sustainable alternatives like 100% certified organic cotton, hemp, vegetable dyes, organic stains and other low impact production methods, the Volcom V.Co-Logical series incorporates progressive Volcom styling with an environmentally clear conscience.” - Volcom Spokesman

The new Volcom logo for these products is very clever. For those of you that do not no what the Volcom logo normally is it is
As you can see the new logo has been planned on the outline of their well known logo. However the new logo wasn't the original design and was only accepted as another design that they had was not allowed to be published due to copyright standers.

Volcom has joined the ranks of 1% for the plant. This means that they donate 1% of their Gross Revenue to a professional environmental organization. Whether you believe in going green or not it is good or not you can agree that it is good to see world wide respected companies donating profits.

Volcom is just the begging of large major brands going into the Eco help the world campaigns. Well done to them. You can help support them and saving the planet by buying their products. I know a small local shop on the West Coast that sells these products. Its Piran surf in Perranporth there is a link to their website under my links.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Frostbite Sessions Update.

You will see that a few weeks ago I posted a blog about a local surf contest. This is just an update on the current goings on.
Last weekend the second frostbite session took place. It was due to take place at Praa Sands but with conditions that were blown out and small, the organisers decided to move it along the coast to Portreath. Here in Portreath would turn out to be a great day of surfing and a chance for some surfers to show their true potential.
Young Newquay surfer Josh Piper was to take the session by storm and made it into the finals of both the Under 18's and Under 16's. Josh Piper aged 15 performed so well he was the clear winner of the Under 18's but was narrowly in the final of the Under 16's by St Ives surfer Jack Whitefield.
Both Josh and Jack were to compete in both finals that day with Jack finishing 3rd in the Under 18's and Josh finishing 2nd in the Under 16's. In both of the finals nether surfer had an easy win as other than the two fighting each other for 1st and 2nd another young Newquay surfer in the name of Alex Piper ( Not related to Josh Piper) was to put up a good fight coming close to the top spots but eventually finishing 3rd. Throughout the final both Josh and Alex fought well but Jack's long smooth rides were to win over the judges.
The second final the Under 18's that followed the Under 16's final was a different story. With Josh Piper pulling off bigger moves with a much more powerful style he went on to win this final with Jack Whitefield finishing 3rd.
Other surfers that day were Seb Smart from Sennen who came in 4th place in the Under 16's, Rob Webster Blythe who came all the way down from Newport in Gwent was loving the surf pulling off some great moves however not managing to beat Josh Piper in the Under 18's final finishing 2nd. He just couldn't get enough out of the waves. Finally the 4th place finisher in the Under 18's final Bert Wright from Penzance was the only surfer that day to ride a barrel that day scoring 7.6 for it.
So that day you were able to see some of England's hottest young surfers in action and so all the best to all the surfers that took part and a bigger Well Done to Josh Piper and Jack Whitefield for some of the best surfing this year so far. :)
For more information in the South to South frostbite comp' and for dates of forthcoming sessions visit their web site at
ResultsU-16 1st Jack Whitefield 2nd Josh Piper 3rd Alex Piper 4th Seb Smart
U-18 1st Josh Piper 2nd Rob Webster Blythe 3rd Jack Whitefield 4th Bert Wright

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

What A Day!

A few days back now a couple of mates living on the west coast decided to take to the streets in the search of the perfect road. The two friends are both very keen surfers and this day they had time out off the water to kill. When out of the water the friends like to skate. When I say skate I mean Longboard. For those of you that don't no what longboarding is it is a longer than normal skateboard. :). Anyway, so they set of for the day. Their main objective that day was to find the perfect road to skate/carve down. Throughout the day they came across numerous amounts of road, however these roads we either to busy, to short or just to old. At a point in the afternoon they did come across one section of road that looked ok, so they carved it. They were there for a few hours getting the right angles for pictures but most of all having great fun. By the end of the session one of the skates (chris) had come within meters of death/serious injuries. The other skater (adam) found it hilarious, thats the kind of thing the two get their enjoyment from, watching eachother knocking on death's door. Oh and they also left the road with 'an official police warning', what a joke. When the day finaly came to an end they looked back with maybe a couple of cuts and brusies and also with two police warnings (luckly from two different officers otherwise i think they might have been knicked) the two skaters were able to say that, no they hadn't come across the perfect road today but shaw enough they had a great time. That isn't the end though, both skaters are still in search of the perfect road and hope to find it be continued...........!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Anyone For A Muffin?

'A new small company of school students now a few years on are reaping the effects of great entrepreneurial skill. In July 2006 the team of 10 Newquay Tretherras students were named company of the year at the HSBC Young Enterprise Innovation awards.
The team of 10 came all the way through mulitiple contests to get to were they are now. Their great bussiness idea from the company timeless was 'Muffin Wax'. 'Muffin Wax' is 100% natural, handmade surfboard wax. Living so close to the UK's Biggest surf spot of Newquay they were able to use their local knowledge of the market to develop and create their own natural surfboard wax. Their product is called 'Muffin Wax after the cake-shaped containers into which the product is ladled. The wax has been on sale now for a year or so in local surf shops around the Newquay area and online at 'surfers against sewage' and other websites. There was so much phenomena about the company that the well known enviroment lovers Eden Project backed them.
So if you have run out of wax any are on your way to the beach then why not try buying 'Muffin Wax' the organic 100% surf wax. Its cheap for the amount, 70g per muffin. So go on try it i dare you!!'-SurferDawg

Windblown and Out

In local surfing news the South to South Frostbite Junior Series has been postponed intil Febuary 16th.

'Organisers were forced to postpone the second leg of the South to South Frostbite Junior Series because of windblown surf conditions on Cornwall's north coast. Two Cornish surfers were hoping to consolidate their lead.
The contest had been due to take place at Portreath but will now be held on 16 February, surf permitting, at either the North Cornish beachbreak or at Praa Sands.
The Frostbite Series is organised by top surfing coach Tyson Greeaway and is being held over three contests with a grand final being staged at a yet to be decided vanue in March.
Newquay's Jack Butler heads the U16's division after winning the first event at Godrevy.
Marcus Lascelles is leading the U18 section.
Butler, a British junior team member, excelled in the first event busting big manoeuvres to stamp his early mark on the mini-tour.
Morgan Bushe, from St Agnes, finished in second spot in the final and will be looking to avenge his defeat at Portreath.
George Picking from Newquay and Bert Wright from Penzance both showed great touches in the surf last time and their style is well suited to the North Cornish beachbreak conditions.
Lascelles, who defeated fellow Newquay surfer Tom Butler in the U18s last time by just one point, will have to work hard to maintain his ratings lead.
Croyde's Lydon Wake is among those aiming to topple the Cornish domiation at the top of the leaderboard when the contest returns in mid February 2008'-Cornwall Surf News

Go Eco-Friendly Think Before You Buy

'As Surfing is now a world wide phenomena more and more boards are being produced. These boards are by no means Eco-friendly, they pollute the air they are made with their toxic liquids and fumes. Normally you will expect to surf one of these boards about 150 times (1 surfing year) and then get another, so your producing even fumes etc. A pro surfer can use up to 50 boards in 1 year!! So do you want to help? Well a local surf shop on the West Coast has taken it upon themselves to become the first surf shop in the UK to stock the new 'Piran Acorn Ecoboards'. These boards are a one of a kind and newly shaped/made. Finding shops selling these greener boards is like finding a needle in a haystack. These new boards are made from soya-based foams and resin made from linseed oil all ingrediants from local cornish suppliers.
So if you fancy a look at them or even if you want to buy one then pop down to local Perranporth surf shop 'Piran Surf' and talk to Store Manager Mark Thorn.(Mark is pictured here on the left with one of the eco boards). Piran surf will also supply you with great surfing accessories and clothing all at good prices'.

'On another hand next time you go out to buy a new board think to yourself, how many other boards do I have? Have I got an old board that I can aford to get rid off? Then if the answer is yes why not think about recycling it. Find a shaper that would be willing to rip it apart and make a new board out of it, I'm sure most shapers would'. -SurferDawg